Keep Families Happy. Keep Your Students.

District-Owned Homeschool Programs

District-owned homeschool programs became popular during 2020 when schools and districts saw an increase in parents wanting a homeschool option. Edovate’s accredited homeschooling programs give parents the flexibility they want, plus the oversight and support schools prefer.

We work with the family to select a curriculum, complete academic assessments, and provide them support throughout the year. Districts keep their students. It’s a win-win.

Education’s New Superpower is PERSONALIZATION

Every district is different, every school is different, every student is different. That means that each district’s, school’s and student’s needs are different. Embrace those differences through a fully-developed personalized educational program ready to implement in your district or school.

Edovate is a preferred partner for both synchronous and asynchronous learning for schools throughout the United States and around the world. Our personalized programs have received awards for best in class, best new products, and personalized support.

We work with the best textbook and online content providers; we offer a student-centric learning model that addresses the specific needs of each individual; and we power our programs with a personalized learning platform that provides deep insights into individual student success. To learn more about the PRADA approach we take to personalized learning, download our whitepaper.

Why is This Such a Great Idea?

Keep funding in your district

Eliminate learning loss for students

Prevent teacher burnout

Give parents educational options

Be their first choice school

Challenges Educators Face Today

The world was turned on its head in 2020, and educators were presented with new challenges that are still relevant today.

Solutions for Districts’ Current Challenges

Leveraging more than 30 years of experience, Edovate’s proven personalized learning solutions align to state and national standards and have helped schools and districts:

The Importance of a Partnership

Edovate’s district-owned homeschooling relies on partnerships–the partnership between each district and their families who prefer to homeschool, and the partnership between a homeschool provider and districts or schools.

A successful district-family partnership requires a district plan on how to provide the help and support homeschooling families need. So, what should a district look for in a homeschool partner? For one, an actual partnership. It may sound redundant, but a partnership with a homeschool partner provides so much more than simply finding a homeschool curriculum provider. And Edovate customizes our partnerships so you build the program you need.

Edovate checks all the boxes.

Our Programs

Edovate has all your educational needs covered.

Our elementary programs include open communication with in-house teachers and staff, weekly meet-up groups for students to build community, and opportunities for in-house teachers to join live classes as co-teachers.
  • Asynchronous Blended Program and synchronous Live Blended Program options
  • Online and textbook materials for core content areas
  • Interactive online and offline components
  • Four core content areas delivered via live instruction: English Language Arts (Literature and Writing), Math, Science, Social Studies
  • Attendance policy developed in collaboration with your school
Understanding individual student needs is essential to a successful personalized middle school program.
  • Synchronous Middle School Live Program and asynchronous Middle School Online Program options
  • Up to five class choices: Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Spanish
  • Weekly live online classes
  • Moodle Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Student and teacher access to Edovate Learning Center
High Schoolers Edovate’s high school programs offer students the ability to prepare for what is next in life. Students will enjoy rich learning experiences and innovative technology while learning the skills that they need to tackle their dreams after high school.
  • Synchronous High School Live Program and Asynchronous High School Online Program options
  • Up to five weekly live online class options: Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Spanish
  • Moodle Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Available tutoring time made available
  • Student and teacher access to Edovate Learning Center

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