Don't just do it

Do it with purpose

Homeschooling is a powerful calling. A calling that will impact not only your children but your family legacy. It is filled with both challenges and rewards. That’s why when you choose this calling, you must choose it with purpose, with passion, with a WHY in mind. In this interactive workshop we will discuss the science of why, the power of purpose, and the importance of focusing on your personal mission. Get ready to be refreshed, to ignore the “how,” to discover your “why” and leave with a personal action plan designed to leverage your strengths and passions to make your homeschool a place filled with energy and purpose.

when Personalities Clash

Tips for calming the storm

Learn how to create a homeschool environment that brings out the best in all of you! Put away the screaming, meltdowns, and conflicts, and regain the joy of homeschooling. In this workshop, we discuss basic strategies for understanding the differences in each child and ways to motivate, engage, and communicate with those often-misunderstood personalities.

The Brain Needs PRADA

Make Learning Stick

How do you leverage the incredible power of the brain to increase student achievement? In this jam-packed workshop, we will cover the neuroscience of learning (PRADA) including five essential components of teaching and learning and how they tie directly into the parts of our brain that drive memory and understanding and lead to student success.

Leveraging God's Incredible Design to Inspire Excellence Part One - How the Brain Works

The Science of Memory and Retention

Recent discoveries about the brain reveal its amazing workings and unbelievable capabilities. But, how do we as parents help our children tap into that incredible potential? Part 1 covers the top ways to engage the brain, how timing is everything, the importance of self-control, and how our emotions directly affect our working memory.

Leveraging God's Incredible Design to Inspire Excellence Part Two - How the Mind Works

The Power of Focus

Discover the power of goals, where we place our focus and values, and the incredible processing power of the brain. We look at the importance of our words as well as ways to feed your student’s spirit with encouragement that lasts. We then discuss how we can leverage the incredible workings of the mind, and cover ways to maximize your child’s learning potential.

The Right Fit

How-tos of Personalized Learning

Every parent wants to find a curriculum that captures their child’s interest and encourages a love for learning. But, how do you know that what works for one student will work for another? How can you find the perfect fit without starting over year after year? In “The Right Fit,” our expert discusses your child’s unique brain and how to choose a curriculum in light of his or her specific interests, needs, and learning style.

The First Year

Homeschooling for Newbies

Just what is this adventure you are about to take part in? And how in the world do you get started and still keep your sanity? In this workshop we will cover the basics you need to know to get started right and enjoy homeschool success from day one.